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Festival of Schools Music Making 2018


The 2019 Festival of Schools Music Making will take place at

St. John’s Burlington Methodist Church
St. John Street
East Riding of Yorkshire
YO16 7JS

on Thursday 14th November commencing at 4:00pm. 

This concert is one of the most enjoyable of the Festival. It is a real delight to see young people performing for their school. We have young orchestras, percussion groups and choirs all on display. We shall be announcing the participating schools shortly but there is time to register your school for this event. Simply contact the Festival Director paul-lowe@ccmf.co.uk to record your interest in taking part in this event.

Each School brings its own special programme to the event resulting in a concert with great appeal to all ages.

This year this is a ticket free event so there will be no charge for admission. There will be a voluntary collection to help towards the cost of putting on the event.