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Flier for Musician of the Year 2019

About the Competition

This competition was established ten years ago and since that time over 250 young people have entered the competition. The competition caters for all ages and all musical preferences and musical styles. It allows entrants freedom of choice of the music they perform and the instrument (s) of their choice, including singing. 

NEWS:    The 2019 Competition

We have made some changes to the competition for 2019.

Over the years we have seen an increase in the number of entrants performing a variety of “popular” music so this year we have decided to modify the competition to allow a more flexible approach to those wishing to perform in this wide ranging styles of music.

We have also added the opportunity for young musicians to perform together in a new Small Groups competition.

We will still be having a separate entry for solo performers offering the more traditional “classical” style.

There will be Four Musician of the Year Awards for 2019.

1.East Coast Solo Popular Young Musician of the Year (Winner)

2. East Coast Popular Young Group  Musicians of the Year (Winner):

3. East Coast  Classical Young Musician of the Year (Winner).

4. East Coast Classical Young Musician of the Year     (Runner-Up).

The Popular Music Solo Performers  and Small Group Competition will take place on Saturday 9th November 2019

“Popular” will include  musicians performing in  popular traditions including jazz, pop, rock, gospel, folk and other related styles including candidates own compositions. There is an upper age limit of Age  19. (as of the 31ST DECEMBER 2019)

The “Classical” Performers Competition will take place on Saturday 16th November 2019

This part of the competition is ideally suited for individual instrumental performers at all stages of their musical development from beginners to advanced players. There is and age limit of 25 (as of 31st December 2019) although the entry classes takes account of age except the Open Class which has an upper limit of 25 

Rules for entry and Entry form download and print the following pdf files.